Hi! You probably wondering. Why is a beauty blogger need a PORTOFOLIO? 
No, the question is : Why a writer need a portofolio?
Because a writer supposed to be introduce herself as a writer. 

In this portofolio, I'm gonna present myself as a content creator. 

Welcome to my portofolio!

Started my content creator career as a Cerita Kita Contributor Batch 3!

Writing so many articles for their website related to teenager life, beauty and stuff around us all the time. 

And spread my wings on becoming GoGirl! Apprentice.

The same duty I did when I was become a Contributor for Cerita Kita. The difference is that I wrote for GoGirl! Magazine website. Oh, and I also create a content for GoGirl! Magazine instagram page related to beauty stuff. 

And continue write for 

The Online Moslem Curator. Becoming curator batch 3 I wrote about beauty, women lifestyle on My articles "Blush On Lokal dibawah 50rb" got 700views so far. And my profile with 20+ articles got 14K views! also want me to contribute on their page

Zalora through contact me and ask me if I want to contribute for their page. I said yes. My articles titled "Tips Cantik dengan Korean Look" got highest views and read in a month! Wohoo. 

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